This page is for a triple-boot live/install/rescue disk image for Alpine Linux, OpenBSD, and Plan9front. It uses a GRUB 2 BIOS bootloader and contains the installation media for 64-bit PC hardware. I am fully aware no one else will probably ever use this. Still curious what people find of it. The only person who has noticed this to my knowledge has suggested I sign it better. I do have a bit of an ulterior motive releasing this even though I only use it myself. I intended to mirror these three installers back to the public also to be sure everything matches, if anyone cares to look.

You can download it here. The current SHA256 sum is 32c5e053935f9111bdc5526431eb7e8c281412e1ab70bbc947d96cf7d2841a8c. The versions of each OS are the latest as of December 31st, 2020.

Once the image is decompressed and written to a USB flash drive of at least 2 GB size, it should boot to a screen something like this:

From this screen you can select any of the three OS's installation media.
This is an example in qemu but it should work on any 64-bit PC type computer with BIOS support:

qemu-system-x86_64 -enable-kvm -drive if=virtio,file=boot.img,format=raw

Selecting Alpine Linux should boot about exactly the same as the official Alpine "Extended" ISO:

Alpine is a simply made, minimal, secure distro in particular for people already familiar with Linux.

Booting OpenBSD is similar:

I had to manually mount the disk with the image on it to access the file sets for installation. This project needs to be able to multiboot the three OSes, but I am open to suggestions of a more secure bootloader to use, as OpenBSD focuses on security research.

9front takes a bit more finesse to boot in qemu:

From here it's the same "livecd" and you can run inst/start to install. Plan 9 from Bell Labs was originally intended for research as well, extending the principles of the Unix Philosophy of software design.